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Qualifications That Exceed 15+ years of Computer & IT experience

Keeping Up With Technology

Keeping up with the latest trends and developments in the technology industry is a challenge we face everyday. 2 Honest™ It Management offers professional service for your home or business, while implementing innovative solutions for all your complex technical issues.

  • Feeling Stressed?

    We understand how stressful it could be when your technology isn't working properly. Identifying the problem can be one of the most difficult paths towards a solution and can leave you feeling discouraged and defeated. At 2hit, we deal with situations like this daily and can provide you with efficient and stress-free solutions for any problem.

  • Qualified Experts

    Let our IT Expert provide you with technical support, training, and consulting services to ensure you have the most up-to-date and comprehensive technology solutions.

  • IT Innovation

    With the application of new and emerging technologies in today's market, let 2 Honest™ IT Management improve your digital technology and hardware - to provide you with a more efficient and secure system for your home or business.

2 Honest™ IT Management
Strengthening Cybersecurity
why choose us?

Custom IT Solutions For Your Home Or Business

We can resolve any IT issue or implement technology that's tailored to meet your specific needs or your company's. These solutions include software or hardware issues, network connectivity, or all other IT services designed to improve efficiency, productivity, and overall performance.

Design and Implementation of IT Technologies for Business

We carry out the planning, development and execution of specific IT strategies to satisfy the needs of the business. This includes the selection of hardware and software, the integration of existing systems and the implementation of customized solutions to improve business efficiency and productivity.


We have the practice of protecting internet-connected systems, including hardware, software, and data, from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. This includes measures such as firewalls, encryption, and secure passwords to prevent hacking, viruses, and other cyber threats.

Smart Home

We carry out all the installation, adaptation and application of the Smart Home your residence that uses internet-connected devices to control and automate various household systems and appliances, such as lighting, temperature control, security, and entertainment.

Data Management, Storage and Recovery

We organize, store, and retrieve data in an efficient and secure manner. Storage solutions such as databases, cloud storage, and physical storage devices can be used to store data, while backup and recovery solutions such as snapshots, disaster recovery, and redundancy can be used to protect against data loss.

Strengthening Cybersecurity

2 Honest™ IT Management
is the Name You Can Trust

Empower your home or business with seamless technology solutions. Trust the experts at 2HIT for comprehensive IT support, innovative design, and expert implementation of the latest technologies.

  • Professional Service
  • Reliable Workmanship
  • Honest
  • Efficient
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Our goal is to help this many clients by the year 2030.

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It's As Easy As 1-2-3 .... & 4

1️⃣ Book a time & location for a 2 Honest™ D.D.S., along with a payment method that's convenient for you.

2️⃣ Our IT Expert will travel to your location at a time that fits your schedule.

3️⃣ You can show our IT Expert the issues that require attention during your personalized 1-on-1 DDS Consultation.

4️⃣ We'll diagnose your issues, explain the root cause of the problem, and provide you with solutions - so you can now get a better night's sleep 😴💤

2HIT's Mission


Our Mission at 2 Honest ™ IT Management is to provide innovative and comprehensive technology solutions. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality one-on-one services, such as expert data management, reliable data storage solutions, expert computer support for both Apple Mac and PC, efficient network management, robust cybersecurity measures, and smart home technology.

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2HIT's Vision


Our Vision at 2 Honest™️ IT Management is to be the leader in technological solutions by providing unparalleled support and expertise to businesses and individuals alike. We're committed to delivering innovative and effective solutions for our clients, so that they may achieve their full potential with more reliable technology and enhanced cybersecurity in this ever changing world.

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Expert Service

Meet Our Team

John, BCompSC, MMICT »

john loves IT and enjoys helping clients everyday with their IT Solutions. John has a Masters Degree in Information & Communication Technology with 15+ Years in the computer field, Which Includes teaching IT courses at the University level in Southern California.

Gary, RSE »

Gary is a red seal carpenter with 35+ years of trade experience. He really enjoys working with john and is very fortunate to be part of his team.

Mr. Darcy, Faithful Companion

'A.K.A. Darcy' to all his dog pals in the neighbourhood. He's pretty good at fetching a ball or a stick, but his computer skills have a looong way to go.